Month ago I wrote in Twitter that I’m searching someone who work in Apple to help remove iCloud. Some time passed and I stopped expecting that someone will contact me in this case. On Internet there is a lot of scammers, about 95% of people who selling unlock are bad people. And I was going to inspect some of available people who suggested to make unlocks, but they was not going to unlock without paying beforehand. It made me understanding that there is high risk to got scammed.

But some day later, one of Apple employee contacted me and he told me details about how they are removing iCloud in Apple to people who really forgot their password. I use to think that everything should be verified twice, but details that I received looks really true and there is no way to find this information on Internet. He also told me that they are receiving a lot of requests from users who really own devices and just forgot password, so if he will accept some requests to unlock, Apple will not detect him.

He risking his job and trying to help us, also he want to receive money for his help. Also he told that there is about 50-80% chances to success, because sometimes it does not pass. I don’t know why some devices can’t be unlocked, but I’ll collect statistics and find out. The reason why I become trust Apple employee was that he wasn’t requested money beforehand. He trust me because I’m creator of iCloud DNS Bypass and we agreed that he will unlock first 10 devices at price $100 per device. So I was ready to send him devices info to unlock, but I have only one locked device.

I have started closed group in VK and there was good people who trusted me with their devices. They sent 10 devices to me to keep them until unlocked. I always think about all possible variants and chose best, and if Apple employee is real, it does not means that he is good guy. Since I took the responsibility and promise Apple employee to send him money after successful iCloud removal, and if unlock fails send it back to device owner. In result device owners was protected by me and there was no chance to be scammed by Apple employee.

Once I received devices via mail, I send their information to Apple employee. Only 20 hours passed and he asked me to turn on one of devices. I turned on and it started as new device, it was no longer linked to Apple ID. Also I checked IMEI via and it was permanently unlocked! I trust only my eyes, statistics and facts, and this was really epic moment that I got real proof that iCloud removal is real. Before sending information to Apple employee, I checked available owners details. There was no way to contact real owner and ask them to unlock it. It means that contacting owner was excluded and Apple employee is real and did magic using his privileges.

Other 9 devices was still pending and passed 10 more days. Apple employee asked to turn on one of them. I started it and it was remains locked, but lost mode is gone and it become clean mode. The device was not unlocked. By words of Apple employee, we can incerlace chances to remove iCloud if you will get exact owners details that stored in Apple ID. I was told this to people whose device was still pending. They have tried to google and find more information about owner and they collected some data. This new information was sent to Apple employee again, but they still failed to unlock. Apple employee told that this information can be not accurate and I started to search other ways to get it. There is 20-30% chances that you can get owner apple id using emoji bug. But it was not success for all pending devices. Than I found some paid ways to get accurate owner info by IMEI. I thought that scammers generating fake data and selling it. But I talked with Apple employee and he confirmed that there is some paid ways that really works, but he don’t know direct source and he can’t get it by himself.

In the same day one guy from Romania contacted me and he suggested me service that provide owner details by IMEI. I’m not one of people that believe first one I met, but he told me that he works with Pasha. Yes, that one Pasha who created manual to hardware iCloud removal for iPad 3G. Since Pasha is also from Ukraine he can’t receive donations via PayPal too, so he asked his friend from Romania to help him. I have contacted Pasha and he confirmed all information, he worked with this guy few months and received donations well.

So I was sure that this people is not scammer and told that to owner of devices that was still pending to unlock. And also he selling his service via eBay. As you know eBay protect everyone from scammers, so that was final things that made me trust him and try. I talked with him a while and he told me that there is two ways to get owners information.

  • Information by IMEI – it have chances 50-60%
  • Information by IMEI+UDID – chances is 99%

Information that contains answer:

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Apple ID
  • Backup email (not always)
  • Phone (not always)
  • Security questions (not always)

Five people whose devices was pending was agreed to buy IMEI information from this seller. Only IMEI information was sent to seller, in result 3 of them received information by IMEI, and two by IMEI+UDID. All received information was accurate and it was the same as googled by owner and me. Also email mask was fits Apple ID login dialog.

I personally received confirmation that it gives accurate information. It means that everyone can get owners information by IMEI with chances up to 99%, than contact owner and ask him to remove iCloud. Need to understand, that this people who are selling these information, all they are resellers. I didn’t found direct source yet. It means that if you buy information in some seller, you trust him and also risking. Why there is risk? Because some sellers don’t want to give refund if information not found, they become generating false owners info. That makes think that we should do not trust unverified sources that sell this information because they can scam you and you even will not know that.

So most important thing is to find trusted information seller that will not give you fake generated owners info and will tell true that information not found with full refund. I’ll collect all information about sellers and will try to find direct source. All information found by me will be published on this website. 5 devices was still pending to unlock, and yesterday one of them was rejected. But next one was successes! In 2 days I’ll receive final results that will give exact chances to success.

I believe that we will get more chances, but for now its about 40-60% to success. There already connected almost half million locked devices to iCloud DNS Bypass server. And we should understand that one Apple employee will not able to unlock everyone physically. If he will try to unlock a lot of devices per day, Apple will find out who are doing that and block his account and he will lose job. We don’t want to Apple employee loose his job, and we want to unlock as much as possible devices, whose owners was scammed.

I want to tell you that I was accepting 10 devices to unlock only in reason to get proofs that iCloud Lock removal is real with help of Apple employee. I’m not doing removal by myself, and in future I’ll not accept money or unlock devices. But I’ll try to help you as much as I can, so I’ll find some trusted people in the world who will agree to keep money until Apple employee unlock your devices. I’ll publish trusted sources in “Remove iCloud”.

And now, you have trusted way to get iCloud removal, and while people who can afford Apple employee work will unlock their devices. I’ll continue to work on free software bypass solution and to enhance iCloud DNS Bypass server. Also you should understand, that not all Apple employee is good people. You can read details “Apple employee can be scammer”.

Take care of your nerves and do not fall for scams.