I receive a lot of messages from different people every day. Each write me some methods that they found on internet and hope that it will help to get iCloud removed. We can’t tell that this info can’t be useful, that’s why I’m verifying everything.

Most of messages I received was about Fiddler and XAMPP. And I want to tell you about it once and at last time. Method that replace apple server using iTunes appear long time ago. In my memory it is at least half year old. I read all files source codes and I see that someone tried to reproduce Apple server files but it failed to success.

How it works? It based on iTunes error that allow to ignore fake SSL certificate and modify iTunes traffic. It works and traffic can be modified but what it give to us? In result iTunes can be hacked and it will become think that device is activated. But device is still not activated and language selection is killed. So no way to use emoji bug any more. In fact device just passing iTunes and all traffic remains encrypted.

There is no way to modify device connection yet, because all traffic is encrypted by RSA2048. And Fiddler have ability to modify device traffic, but only if its custom certificate is installed into device. There is no way to install certificate in to locked device. If you ever see video where someone modifying packets via Fiddler and unlock their device – it’s fake.

You can tell me that there is other methods that user tried, but I’ll tell you that it all the same thing. They just use different applications to simulate the same and it will always just unlock iTunes and kill device language selection only.