I used to check out everything before believe in to it, even if it looks true. During some time I inspected how do paid services interact with people, and what do they request for unlock. Prices found from 120 USD to 220 USD and only one thing I was thought that all of them is reseller of real source. Now I understand that real source of unlocks is Apple employees. Bad news that one Apple Employee can’t accept very a lot of unlocks. But good news that there is not only one Apple Employee who trying to help us.

Next question that I thought about is can real Apple employee be scammer? All of them just usual people and there is bad and good people. They risk their job to help us and earn more money, and Apple can find out who are they and they will loose job.

What will happened if this happens? Good people will just tell you that he can’t accept new orders any more and stop receiving new orders. Bad people will think about it and will use his reputation to get more profit in last time. Once Apple employee become not able to unlock devices he can just receive as much he can money to future unlocks, in a month for example. And once he do it he will just gone and no one will get unlocks or money.

How we can prevent this like situation and be sure that we will not be scammed? Last few month I thought about how can I help you more. And only one true way I thought about is when money is kept in third person who don’t interested to steal money, but interested in get more orders. Your money should be kept in that people who give guaranties that he will not give money to Apple employee and if he failed to unlock, they will send money back to you. Apple employee should have guaranties that once he unlock device he will receive money also.

Point of all things that I did and found was only searching and detecting real ways to remove iCloud, and I successes to get proofs. Thank you all for your trust to me, but I can’t accept money for you to send it to Apple employee. All I can do for you is to find trusted people who live in different countries and will help you to keep money and send to Apple employee once device unlocked. Details about everything what going on will be collected by me and I’ll publish it.

Take care of your nerves and do not fall for scams.