You should notice that there is new video of iCloud removal proof released by some guys every month, who don’t publish any additional info. I’m going to tell you why there is this video appears and how to detect is new method true or not. Each time video releases everyone trying it and it failed, but it looks very real. Why it not works? Because it all fakes. You can tell that it looks real and should be true, I’ll agree. But it easy to record similar fake video.

They just take their unlocked device, lock it by their own Apple ID and restore firmware. Now show is starting, one people takes camera and began record video and make some magic moves or start apps. While he doing that his friend using other computer out of scene just login to iCloud and remove this device from account. One more touch by finger on screen and device unlocked.

Magic? Success? No, it scammers. So I want to tell you that if you can see single video with thousands of views than it is not real. You can believe that method is true only if there is not thousands of views, but hundred people recorded different video about it.

Also there is new 10 videos per hour that just copied from another, some bad people just doing that and put virus URL in description. Never believe URLs under video that gives you direct link to download some app. And if you already downloaded application than don’t start it until you verified it on website: “VirusTotal“.

Trust only your eyes, statistics and facts.