On Internet there is many popular websites that collecting information that should help you to remove iCloud in some way. But you can see that there a lot of news posted but you still not unlocked device using their help.

Maybe they not want to help? Answer is simple, they need money that they get via ads, they are not scammers but they publish information as often they can, even if it fake or unverified, and not working.

Those websites often use new YouTube fakes and promote them as news. More about YouTube scammers you can read here: “Fake videos“. This websites are posting unverified information in 80% of cases, but 20% of them is true. There is often “new” unlock methods that actually is old methods, but used new tools. You can read about it here: “Fake unlocks“.

I don’t know, maybe all iCloud news websites is not so smart to detect fakes and publish not tested methods. News section of iCloud Freedom website will contains only true verified information, also you will see only new methods and ways there. I’m sure you agree with me that news should be accurate and 100% verified, that’s why information on website will be updated once news is verified.

In news tab you will see only important information.