Hello everyone!

My name is Ighor July, last few month I was with you from time when iCloud DNS Bypass started. During that time I knew very many new interesting information, most important that I have received real proofs that iCloud removal is real. In iCloud Locked world there is a lot of scammers and people who earn money by selling iCloud removal services.

I’m afraid that once I publish real iCloud removal/bypass methods, or instructions, or part of method, this bad people will start doing attacks to stop my website. That’s why I decided to split my project in two parts and iCloudDnsBypass.com will only about enhancement, new features of iCloud DNS Bypass server.

iCloudFreedom.com is new project that going to become single trusted place where you can find only verified and tested information about ways to remove iCloud Lock. In this case if any attacks happens it will cause iCloudFreedom.com to not work, but iCloud DNS Bypass will remains working. iCloud Lock feature is one of most important things in iOS from Apple. It bring stealing devices to much lower level. And I want to tell everyone, that I never going to support people who steal devices and scammers.

As you can notice, last week I posted survey. There was voted more than 10K people. Result was unexpected, more than 60% people was locked because they forgot passwords or was scammed by other people. It means most of locked devices owners are victim of scammers and own memory. I want to help this people to solve this. Because I understand how it makes people feel bad.

I am receiving a lot of emails from people from all the world. People trying to collect money and buy used device as gift to themselves, but they are so naive to buy devices from people that they even don’t know. In result device is locked, money is lost and no information from owner to help unlock it.

Desperated pepole begin searching any possible way to unlock their devices. They tring to download applications that they think will unlock their device, but they get only viruses. During time they become understanding that there is no way to unlock devices using application, and they began to search paid ways. And they again become scammed by bad people who selling fake iCloud Reomval services. Unfortunately there is about 95% scammers in iCloud Locked world, and only 5% will really help you.

My new project iCloud Freedom created to stop this circle of scamming people and bring true to everyone to makes you safe from scammers. And it is community project that supported by people like you. And thanks to you it will grown up in time.

In one place here will be collected only true and verified ways, instructions and sources, that will help you remove iCloud Lock from your iPhone/iPad/iPod. And here I’ll describe all possible ways that used by scammers. So you will be informed be able to detect scammers and keep your nerves calm.