I spent some time to search ways to get owners Information and found people who sell information by IMEI. I was skeptic about this methods because I can’t imagine how do they get this information. But I talk with a lot of people every day and some of them told they used paid IMEI service that works. And also some users reported that this was fake information.

One guy from Romania contacted me and he suggested me service that provide owner details by IMEI. I’m not one of people that believe first one I met, but he told me that he works with Pasha. Yes, that one Pasha who created manual to hardware iCloud removal for iPad 3G. Since Pasha is also from Ukraine he can’t receive donations via PayPal too, so he asked his friend from Romania to help him. I have contacted Pasha and he confirmed all information, he worked with this guy few months and received donations well.

So I was sure that this people is not scammer and told that to owner of devices that was still pending to unlock. And also he selling his service via eBay. As you know eBay protect everyone from scammers, so that was final things that made me trust him and try. I talked with him a while and he told me that there is two ways to get owners information.

  • Information by IMEI/Serial – it have chances 50-60%
  • Information by IMEI/Serial + UDID – chances is 90%

Information that contains answer:

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Apple ID
  • Backup email (not always)
  • Phone (not always)
  • Security questions (not always)

I personally received confirmation that it gives accurate information and this seller didn’t lie. It means that everyone can get owners information by IMEI/Serial with chances up to 90%, than contact owner and ask him to remove iCloud. Need to understand, that this people who are selling these information, all they are resellers. I didn’t found direct source yet. It means that if you buy information in some seller, you trust him and also risking.

Why there is risk? Because some sellers don’t want to give refund if information not found, they become generating false owners info. That makes think that we should do not trust unverified sources that sell this information because they can scam you and you even will not know that. So most important thing is to find trusted information seller that will not give you fake generated owners info and will tell true that information not found with full refund.

I’m currently verifying other sources and new urls will be added soon.